22 Juin 2018

The President of the EL, Gregor Gysi on Greece:

At the request of the Greens, the federal government has now announced that the German interest gains on purchases of Greek government bonds amount 3.4 billion euros until 2017. The German interest gains on loans from the credit bank for reconstruction amount to 0.4 billion euros. Overall, there is a profit of 3.8 billion euros. On the other hand, Germany also had to bridge transfers to the ESM and Greece amounting to 0.914 billion euros in 2013 and 2014. Germany's net profit from the 'Aid' for Greece amounts to 2.9 billion euros in Germany.

19 Juin 2018

The EL in the Left Forum 2018 in New York – Towards a new strategy for the Left

At least thousand of people took part in the Left Forum 2018, which took place from Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd, offering one plenary per day covering on Friday the political sphere, on Saturday the academic approach and on Sunday the grassroots activists perspective on this year’s general topic.
The opening plenary on Friday evening brought already a first highlight featuring Jane Sanders, the wife of Bernie, a well known political activist and university professor.

13 Juin 2018

Statement on Solution - Republic North-Macedonia

Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left about the solution on the name dispute between Greece and FYROM (North Macedonia):

Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev have reached a negotiated solution after more than 25 years of dispute between the two countries. This is extremely welcome as it gives the region more stability and also the chance of independent development in the international community for the future Republic North-Macedonia. I very much hope that the respective parliaments approve this solution.

02 Juin 2018


The Working Group on Latin America of the European Left Party (ELP) congratulates the Venezuelan people for having made effective their right to choose in tranquility and peace. By a large majority the people have backed the Bolivarian Revolution, reelecting President Nicolás Maduro.

15 Mai 2018

Statement on Nakba – 70 years

On 14 May 1948 Zionists set up the state of Israel, thereby defying the UN partition plan to establish a Jewish as well as a Palestinian state and with Jerusalem as a city under international - UN - control. The following day – 15 May - is commemorated by Palestinians as a day of catastrophe – Nakba – for the Palestinian people.