The 4th Congress of the European Left Party (EL) has come to its end in Madrid today. 300 delegates coming from every corner in Europe, from countries making or not part of the European Union, have decided that the EL must become a major player of the political struggle in Europe against austerity policies and democratic regression, building a European social and political front. This front will give to social, political, cultural and intellectual forces in our continent the opportunity to create a strong left wing alternative in Europe.   

Delegierte befürworten die Aufstellung eines Kandidaten für das Amt des Präsidenten der Europäischen Kommission.

Chers camarades,
Chers amis,
Monsieur le Vice-President de Bolivie,
Mesdames et Messieurs les invités,

Je voudrais commencer par vous dire la fierté et le bonheur que j'ai, à ouvrir la discussion générale de notre 4e congrès, ici à Madrid.

Nous sommes ici, comme l'a dit le Vice-President de Bolivie, « l'espoir » et la vie, dans une « Europe apathique et fatiguée » du néolibéralisme.

Nous sommes fiers d'être de ce côté là, du côté des peuples qui résistent, de ceux qui font battre le cœur de nos sociétés, de ceux qui feront le futur de l'Europe.

Comrades and Friends,

I am not here to give you a conventional speech.
Because we don’t live at conventional times.
I am here, among you, to make a case for change.
I am here, along with you, to remind the peoples of Europe.
That Europe is at a critical crossroads.

An Exercise of Convergence, an Addition of Experiences and Ideas.

Toni Barberá, member of the Executive Committee of the European Left Party (EL), introduced the political platform of this Party for the European Elections of 2014 as an “an exercise of convergence, an addition of experiences and ideas”.

The 4th Congress of the European Left Party (EL) has started with the opening speech of the leader of the Spain’s United Left (Izquierda Unida, IU) Cayo Lara. Along with the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) and the Catalonian organization EUiA , he is the host of this event that gathers together 33 political parties from many European countries. After Cayo Laras’s speech and the keynote address by the Vicepresident of the Purinational Republic of Bolivia, Alvaro García Linera, the introduction began of the debates that will give form to this Congress programmed to last three days.    

The head of International Policy and MEP of IU stressed that "it is a very important congress for all workers in the EU" in a moment that the labour income is transferred to the capital income.
The IU MEP underlines, shortly prior to the start of the 4th Congress of the European Left Party (EL) "the importance" of it at a time that occurs "the biggest known aggression the 40s in Europe against it workers".

The vicepresident of the EL declared that this weekend the European Left Party will present an alternative to end with austerity politics “against a European social-democracy that agrees to consolidate the politics of Angela Merkel in Germany” and that in France, “sends again troops to the Central African Republic”

Die Europäische Linkspartei wird sich immer an Nelson Mandela als ein Symbol des Kampfes für Freiheit, Befreiung des Menschen, Würde und Gleichheit erinnern. Er war – und bleibt – das Symbol des Sieges eines Volkes gegen das rassistische Apartheid-Regime.

Die längsten Koalitionsverhandlungen in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik ergaben wenig überraschend ein von Angela Merkels' Linie dominiertes Abkommen. Der Inhalt des Koalitionsvertrages wird die sozialen Ungleichheiten in Deutschland verstärken.