European Left is demanding to free the trade unionist workers!

European Left is demanding to free the trade unionist workers!

13 trade unionists in India facing death sentences or life imprisonment ! 


The workers and trade union activists at the Maruti-Suzuki, Manesar factory, an Indian arm/plant of the Japanese Suzuki multinational corporation, who were arrested and charged in connection with the incidents that took place at this factory in 2012, in which a factory manager died, have just been tried in court. 

Maruti Suzuki workers were fighting for their trade union rights. The workers had been attacked by paramilitary forces and machinery. They have been hired by the Maruti Suzuki management. As a result of brutal event 117 of them were acquitted and 31 were convicted of various offenses, including 13 who were convicted of murder -- which in India is punishable by death or life imprisonment. Finality of this quantum of punishment  will be out on March 17. Of the 13 convicted of murder -- convictions in which no evidence was produced to prove their guilt -- 11 were leaders of the MSWU, the independent union that was formed in Maruti and that management sought to break through violence. 

Here we ask the Indian government to use its hole influence to postpone the judgment until an independent court will make fair investigation.


As workers right is especially important issue for us, so we will do our best to be informed every detail of the process. We are convinced that India's history and the present developments will find a solution in which the representatives of Indian trade unions will be also involved.


In the hope that you will soon find a wise solution.

EL - International