05 Juli 2018

The Mexican people towards their Fourth Transformation: a reason to feel hopeful about the future of the entire Latin American continent.

The Working Group for Latin America of the Party of the European Left (EL) congratulates Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his victory in the presidential elections held on July 1st.
Undoubtedly, this is a historic triumph, not only because of Lopez Obrador's massive advantage over the right-wing opponents in the elections but also because of the social situation in which Mexico finds itself. This victory of the left is the only possible way out of the serious socio-economic, political problems and destruction of democracy in which the Mexican people are immersed.

04 Juli 2018

Nicaragua needs Peace!

Given the serious events taken place in Nicaragua and the violence carried out by various sectors, the Working Group for Latin America of the Party of the European Left (EL) urges the Nicaraguans to reach an agreement soon in the Dialogue Table so that the violence ceases and the democracy of the country gains strength without breaking the constitutional continuity.

02 Juli 2018

Left prevails in Mexico

In the presidential elections in Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, candidate of the left Morena party prevailed and will be the next president of Mexico.
This election is historic and represents a change for Mexico, as it has never received so many votes before a presidential candidate. The will to reform and democratization can not be greater than in the election campaign of prevailing violence against politicians. In the last few years alone, more than 120 politicians have been murdered in Mexico.

22 Juni 2018

The President of the EL, Gregor Gysi on Greece:

At the request of the Greens, the federal government has now announced that the German interest gains on purchases of Greek government bonds amount 3.4 billion euros until 2017. The German interest gains on loans from the credit bank for reconstruction amount to 0.4 billion euros. Overall, there is a profit of 3.8 billion euros. On the other hand, Germany also had to bridge transfers to the ESM and Greece amounting to 0.914 billion euros in 2013 and 2014. Germany's net profit from the 'Aid' for Greece amounts to 2.9 billion euros in Germany.

19 Juni 2018

The EL in the Left Forum 2018 in New York – Towards a new strategy for the Left

At least thousand of people took part in the Left Forum 2018, which took place from Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd, offering one plenary per day covering on Friday the political sphere, on Saturday the academic approach and on Sunday the grassroots activists perspective on this year’s general topic.
The opening plenary on Friday evening brought already a first highlight featuring Jane Sanders, the wife of Bernie, a well known political activist and university professor.