Working groups

Working groups

The last Public Services Working Group was held on the 19th of May 2018 in Brussels.


The Party of the European Left, we support today as always the commitment of President Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC-EP to hold firm the flag of stable and lasting peace deserved and claimed by all Colombians. At the same time we are very worried about the difficulties involved in implementing the Final State Agreement, nowadays in particular with a focus on compliance with the Amnesty and Pardon Law, which is one of the fundamental Laws for the construction of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, so necessary for the release of political prisoners.

Joint declaration of the Peace Working Group and the Middle East Working Group of the European Left Party

Maite Mola, invited by the Government of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, will represent the Party of the European Left (EL) in the Encuentro Latinoamericano Progresista 2014 (Progressive Latin American Meeting) that will begin on Monday, September 29, in Ecuador.


The European Left has acquired a key competence in issues such as peace and social policies. Therefore, the EL decided to work even more intensively in these fields, especially on fundamental freedom and civil rights, by creating a working group on these issues.

The EL Youth network is an open and inclusive space, offering access to the various political activities of the social movements and to all kinds of youth structures from the EL member countries.

On 11 November 2006, 26 representatives from 11 European countries and 14 political parties came together in Berlin to create a European Network of Trade Unionists. The participants were not only representing the European political left, but also the trade unionist left.

The EL is fully committed to the values of peace and democracy. The developments in the Middle East are a central issue of our work.

"Being queer means leading a different sort of life. It's not about the mainstream, profit margins, patriotism, patriarchy or being assimilated. It's not about executive directors, privilege and elitism. It's about being on the margins, defining ourselves." (Leaflet of Queer Nations).

During the last years we have been witnessing in Latin America a political spring of the Left, embodied by the success of left and central-left government experiences on the subcontinent. These experiences are of different nature, but they are all working at the construction of a way out on the left to the disasters brought about by the neo-liberal policies. The issue of constructing a "socialism in the 21st century" finds new propulsions in the Latin American experiences, after being forgotten for so many years.