Pierre Laurent rejects “authoritarian, austerity and cutting policies of the Troika” across Europe

Pierre Laurent rejects “authoritarian, austerity and cutting policies of the Troika” across Europe

The President of the European Left Party (EL) sets for the 4th Congress of this organization that starts today in Madrid the objectives of “promoting policies of development, a bigger funding of public services and the restoration of democracy in the European Union (EU)”

The President of the European Left Party (EL), Pierre Laurent, has expressed today his “complete opposition to the austerity, cutting and authoritarian policies of the troika”. According to Laurent the objectives set in the agenda of EL consist, first of all, in “stopping these austerity policies in order to promote instead policies of development”. Secondly “challenging the omnipotence of the financial markets, impulsing instead a bigger funding of public services and social protection”, and finally, “restoring democracy in an European Union (EU) dominated by authoritarian policies”.

In the press conference held before the official opening of the 4th EL Congress, that will take place in Madrid during this weekend, Pierre Laurent, who is also Secretary General of the French Communist Party, praised the fact that since the last Congress of EL “the relationship between political parties, social organizations and trade unions” and the political forces making part of the EL.   

He explained that the political organizations participating in this Congress – which is held under the motto “Change Europe. The Europe of Labour” – have set as one of their objectives “amplifying the people’s and citizens’ campaigns promoted by EL”. In the same vein, he pointed out that an “European summit has been planned for March 2014 to discuss the illegitimate debt” endured by most countries due to the speculation of financial companies against the legitimate Governments of  the nations.    

Another objective of this Congress will be the promotion of an awareness campaign “to paralyze the negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement” between the EU and the USA. On the other hand, Laurent also announced the purpose of holding next Autumn “an European Alternative Forum” in order “to achieve the convergence between the parties making part of the EL and social, political and trade union organizations not belonging to EL.  
Pierre Laurent - who was accompanied in the press conference by the member of the European Parliament Willy Meyer, the vicepresident of EL Maite Mola, and Eva Palomo, representative of the Women’s Network of EL - has stressed the importance of the proposal by the EL parties of electing Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Greek party Syriza, as “spokeperson against austerity policies”. He explained also that there will be a renewal of the leadership of EL, remarking that it is an organization with “a democratic operation and a collective leeadership”.